The New Roaring Twenties

Katherine PeachCulture, Featured, History

The Roaring Twenties. The decade of disillusion, defiance and disorder. It saw the end of the First World War, victory brought the return of peace and prosperity. And with the tremors of prohibition across the Atlantic; jazz clubs and cocktails bars flourished. People danced problems away, burying their heavy realities. The rapid increase of car production showed youth a taste … Read More

Penarth Remembers, 1918 – 2018

Heather Rowan-RobinsonCommunity, History

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day, Penarth’s communities have come together to remember the sacrifices made during the Great War, the efforts of and effects on survivors, and the social changes that followed.   Over the past two years, local groups and individuals have met to share plans and develop projects together. 2018 has seen a number of important … Read More