The Spring Bookshelf 2021

Katherine PeachCreative, Culture, Featured

Fiction The Fine Art of Invisible Detection by Robert Goddard With her husband recently murdered, Umiko Wada just wants to keep her head down. As a secretary to a private detective, her life is pleasingly uncomplicated. That is, until he takes on a new case. A case which gets him killed, and Umiko quickly realises that being a detective isn’t … Read More

Our 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Katherine PeachCommunity, Culture, Featured

Here at Penarth View, we know how important our mothers are, so we’ve collected a selection of great gifts for her this Mother’s Day. Food Hamper A basket of all her favourite foods and drinks would be an amazing gift Flowers Who can forget this classic mother’s day gift Jewellery Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. Pick up … Read More

Don’t All Lives Matter?

Will SummersCommunity, Culture, Featured

Okay, so before we go down a route where talking about equality for everyone means exactly that, we’d like you to think about these questions and possibly look into how white privilege plays a huge part in the disparity between all communities, regardless of skin colour and race. Have you ever had to think twice about being yourself in any … Read More

Penarth’s Bygone Heritage

John DaviesCulture, Featured

Penarth’s rich heritage notably began during the 1860s when the industrialisation of South Wales and its coal industry transformed the area, bringing work opportunities and a place to settle just outside of Cardiff. By the end of the 1860s, Penarth’s population reached over 3,000, and its newly completed dock yard made South Wales the worlds biggest coal mining exporter of … Read More

Y ‘Sws Of Life’ i Cool Cymru

Stifyn ParriCulture, Featured

Roeddwn yn digwydd cael swper efo Catherine Zeta Jones, as you do, ac mi ofynnais iddi, ar ôl gwydred neu dri o win, fydde hi’n barod i roi mwy o finlliw a chusanu darn o bapur gwyn i mi, er mwyn i ni gopïo ei gwefusau a’u defnyddio fel logo. Cytunodd hi. Cusanodd hi’r papur ac mi wnaethon ni gario … Read More

Understanding the Black Lives Matter Movement

Will SummersCommunity, Culture, Featured

Understanding why the BLM movement takes time, effort, and a willingness to listen to other points of view. The BAME community makes up 2.4% of the population in The Vale of Glamorgan, roughly 3,000 people. Whilst that may not seem like a large number, by talking, engaging, and learning from each other everyone can make a different. We spoke to Rubbi Ali and Phil Lewis about their experiences and thoughts on the BLM movement.

The Winter Bookshelf 2020

Katherine PeachCulture

Fiction The Miseducation of Evie Epworth by Matson Taylor Up until now, 16-year-old Evie Epworth’s life has been nothing special: a patchwork of school, Guides, cows, lost mother and village fetes. She dreams of a life far away from rural east Yorkshire, but standing in her way is Christine, Evie’s soon-to-be stepmother, a manipulative and money-grubbing schemer. This is a … Read More

Turner House, Penarth to re-open its doors in January 2021

John DaviesCommunity, Culture, Featured

We are delighted to announce the reopening of the Turner House Gallery in January 2021, subject to Coronavirus regulations. The venue, now in the hands of Penarth Town Council, has been close to Penarth people’s hearts since its opening in 1888. With some fantastic upcoming exhibitions planned, The Turner House is likely to become one of the top cultural destinations … Read More