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Penarth View

Penarth View is the town’s independent print magazine and digital platform to showcase, promote and inspire Penarth people, places and business.

In fact, Penarth View has been showcasing and promoting Penarth for almost eight years. In 2018, a new team of editors took the publication on and have turned it into something that is truly reflective of the town and its people.

From spearheading the campaign to restore Penarth Pier Pavilion in 2010, to persuading the town’s businesses go single-use plastic free in 2018, Penarth View has always been behind the most positive changes in the town.

Advertising Opportunities

We engage with an educated, affluent, community-committed readership of over 23,000 residents. As Penarthians ourselves, we know how much this town has to offer. So community, local business and high quality content is at the heart of our vision.

We know and understand the many constraints put on small businesses, which is why we have many advertising options that start from as little as £50 – no other publication can match our value, ambition and reach. With opportunities in print and online, there really is something for every pocket – we can even spread the cost of your advertising over 12 months.

The wide demographic that Penarth enjoys, and the town’s close relationship with the capital city and its commuter-town neighbours, allows scope for creative media campaigns, features, stories and promotional marketing to cater for its readers.

With a population of 23,245 – 75% of people own their own property, and a majority of people live in houses. Penarthians tend to be settled and committed to the community they live in. Almost half of people are aged 30 to 59. These will likely be in secure work and 70% of these will be in supervisory or high management roles.

With Penarth being a popular destination for people from the capital and neighbouring commuter towns, Penarth is a thriving and bustling town ready for a new and refreshed Penarth View magazine.

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