Festive Fashion

Pippa-Marie SheppardChristmas, Fashion, Featured

It’s finally the time of the year that everyone has been looking forward too, filled with Christmas lights, hot chocolate, Christmas movies and cosy blankets. It’s also the time of year filled with Christmas parties! Here at View Publishing, we’ve put together a list of trendy clothing ideas that will put you in the festive spirit and make you stand … Read More

Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Katherine PeachChristmas, Creative, Featured

There are so many things to love about Christmas. The gifts, the food, the decoration…but when boxing day comes we find ourselves drowning in boxes and mounds of plastic. So this year, let’s try to make our Christmas as eco-friendly as we can. The Christmas Tree The Christmas tree is a highlight of Christmas for many people and although the … Read More

Christmas on a Budget

Katherine PeachChristmas, Featured

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, with weeks of fun festive events, food, presents and special time with friends and family. But Christmas can also be an expensive time of year. No matter how much you buy, not matter how prepared you are or how early you start, there always seems to be something you’ve forgotten.  It’s safe … Read More

Easy Handmade Gifts

Katherine PeachChristmas, Creative, Featured, Food, Homes, Kids

Struggling to think of a great gift for your loved ones but coming up short of new ideas? We’ve all been there. Flipping through the Christmas catalog, wandering aimlessly down the aisles, strolling endlessly but you still can’t find the perfect gift. But instead of waiting to find one, why not make one? Here at View Publishing, we’ve collected a … Read More

Christmas Trivia

Katherine PeachChristmas, Community, Creative, Featured

Have we got our Santa thinking hats on? Because it’s time for Christmas trivia! Christmas trivia quizzes is a Christmas party favourite of ours. You can do it in teams or battle it out individually. You can do it at work or with your friends and family. Either way, we’ve got lots of fun festive questions (and answers below) for … Read More

Festive Christmas Cocktails

Katherine PeachChristmas, Featured, Food

After the year we’ve had, I’m excited to raise a glass to the end of the year and you can never go wrong with cocktails. What I love about cocktails is that there’s one for everyone, whatever your tastes, there is always a cocktail for you. And as we settle into the Christmas season, we thought we’d collect some of … Read More

Christmas at Hamptons

Katherine PeachBusiness, Christmas, Featured

Hamptons is always a destination for those of us looking for the perfect Christmas gift or some exquisite decorations for the tree. And at Christmas the store is beautifully decorated and it’s almost impossible not to feel totally festive while you’re browsing the superb collections of gorgeous products on display. with sumptuous bath products, beautifully scented candles, elegant tableware, stylish … Read More

Dental Care for Pets

Dave DeaneFeatured, Pets

Dental disease is commonly seen in our pets, and it is just as painful as it is in humans. However, because they cannot communicate their discomfort in the same way we would, if is often overlooked. Regular veterinary care is important to pick up early signs of dental disease and dealing with it sooner rather than later. Did you know: … Read More

Dining With The Stars

Stifyn ParriFeatured, Food

As soon as I knew that this issue’s theme was ‘bring it to the table’, it hit me that I’ve spent a shocking amount of time on this Earth at a table. Talking, drinking, laughing and eating. But not always in that order! And sometimes all at once! Yes, food is so pivotal in my life and the deep conversation … Read More