Don’t All Lives Matter?

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Okay, so before we go down a route where talking about equality for everyone means exactly that, we’d like you to think about these questions and possibly look into how white privilege plays a huge part in the disparity between all communities, regardless of skin colour and race. Have you ever had to think twice about being yourself in any … Read More

Hyper-Local Beauty Spots

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Keeping it local this winter, Victoria Garage shares the best local spots in the Vale of Glamorgan to escape, grab some fresh air and let nature do what it does best – enrich your senses. From magical woods to breathtaking coastlines, let’s take the opportunity to explore what’s on our own doorstep.

Happy. Inspiring. Nurturing.

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Ensuring pupil education is full of happy, nurturing and inspiring experiences, Westbourne Prep School leads the way with it’s creative, outside-the-box teaching methods. We speak to Jo Chinnock, Head of Westbourne Prep to find out more about their FAB and STEM school models, and how through lockdown, pupils are still achieving amazing results.

Understanding the Black Lives Matter Movement

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Understanding why the BLM movement takes time, effort, and a willingness to listen to other points of view. The BAME community makes up 2.4% of the population in The Vale of Glamorgan, roughly 3,000 people. Whilst that may not seem like a large number, by talking, engaging, and learning from each other everyone can make a different. We spoke to Rubbi Ali and Phil Lewis about their experiences and thoughts on the BLM movement.

Stunning Spring Spots

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After a season of unpredictable weather, it’s nice to see winter finally break into Spring. If you’re itching to get outdoors again, and keeping your fingers crossed for milder weather, we’ve found some of Wales’ stunning spring spots. Whether you choose a Sunday stroll or a hilly hike, all you need is your sat-nav, wellies and a good packed lunch … Read More