Popular boutique hotel, Holm House, unveils stylish new look

John DaviesTravel

Holm House, the luxury boutique hotel based at the heart of Penarth has unveiled a stylish new look, just in time for summer. As part of the extensive refurbishment project all of the hotels 12 ensuite bedrooms have been uplifted. What’s more the garden has been completely re-landscaped to guarantee Holm Houses spot as one of the most popular al-fresco … Read More

Sustainable Wanderlust

Jo BaldwinTravel

Our wanderlust is returning and as the spring weather lifts our sprits, we are beginning to explore horizons past the views of our own four walls again. The pause on travelling has given us time to reflect and dream big. Many of us are considering how to travel again with a new outlook, with environmental responsibility and sustainability at the … Read More

Four-Legged Holiday Buddies

Dave DeanePets, Travel

The spring and summer are fast approaching and as much as many of us love the excitement of travel and adventure, be must always be mindful that change can be very stressful for our pets. Whether we choose to take them with us on holiday or leave them in the safe hands of others, it is a change from their … Read More

Set Your Sat-Nav To Stargazing

Pippa-Marie SheppardTravel

Most of the UK is blinded by light pollution, yet there are still so many beautiful places in Wales that you can experience natural wonders under dark skies. From International Dark Sky Reserves, to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we have put together a collection of the most breathtaking, non-polluted places that you can visit. Snowdonia International Dark Sky Reserve … Read More

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Katherine PeachChristmas, Culture, Travel

Our traditions is what makes Christmas special. Some traditions are small and unique to our families, some are more common traditions shared which most people who celebrate Christmas do. But there are so many interesting traditions around the world that you might not have heard of. Yule Goat in Sweden With it’s routes in Paganism, the Yule Goat, or Gävle … Read More

Flavours of the Six Nations

Jo BaldwinFood, Travel

With Wales being current title-holders of the Six Nations rugby tournament, we know we’re looking forward to next year’s instalment. Here, travel expert Jo Baldwin takes a look at the independent culinary delights of each participating country. Wales A restaurant with no menu? No problem. Sosban, located within a quaint historical butcher’s shop, asks you to forget the menu and … Read More

Set Your Sat Nav

Katherine PeachFeatured, Travel

After spending almost two years with nothing to look at but the four walls of our homes, we are very excited for a different kind of view. With the help of Victoria Garage, we gathered a list of some of the most breathtaking views that are a must-see this winter. So don’t miss out, set you sat-nav and go! Stay … Read More

Cardiff bus announces new route to Penarth Pier

Pippa-Marie SheppardCommunity, Travel

Cardiff bus has announced that an open-top double decker service will run daily to Penarth Pier as part of their ‘Summer Days Out’ initiative. From the 26th June until the end of August, customers can board the open-top bus (weather permitted) at Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff City Centre and be taken to Penarth Pier, with stops along the way including … Read More

Set Your Sat Nav

Katherine PeachFeatured, Travel

After months of uncertainty and poor weather, we’re excited to finally see some sunshine. If you’re looking to finally get out the house for more than your daily trip to the shops, Victoria Garage has collected a list of stunning destinations you have to see, whether you want to stay to home and go a little further afield. Stay Home- … Read More

Culture in Travel

Jo BaldwinFeatured, Travel

As we continue to navigate the new world in which we find ourselves, thoughts are turning to new and improved ways to travel, with an emphasis on preserving and celebrating culture and heritage. Recent events have accelerated the trend towards more sustainable tourism practises, with richer, experiential-based travel in demand. When it comes to exploring our heritage through travel, there … Read More