The Self Help Show

Katherine PeachCreative, Wellbeing

The Self Help Show is a new touring exhibition exploring the idea of self-help through poetry and illustration. Penarth-based artists Chris Glynn and Luca Paci collaborated via mail during lockdown in 2020 and have developed a body of texts and images, video material, book hacks, and other artefacts for exhibition. The Self Help Show asks where to seek help in … Read More

Planet Positive in Products

Rosie OrettiBusiness, Wellbeing

It’s well known that spending time in nature is good for our physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. So, why do we treat our beautiful planet so badly? Climate change is real, and there is little doubt that we need to act now if we are to mitigate against further global warming and the myriad of associated consequences. It’s great to … Read More

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Katherine PeachCommunity, Food, Homes, Kids, Wellbeing

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift, so we’ve collected a selection of great gift idea from some of the best independent shops near you. Pampering We all need a bit of pampering and self care after the year we’ve had! Beauty Box ener-chi Folk Gather Here Flowers … Read More

Spread a Little Happiness

Stifyn ParriCulture, Wellbeing

It’s here! Spring has sprung! My favourite time of year! This last winter seemed like an age, curled up indoors waiting for the world to wake up. I feel like a hedgehog, and now my nose has burst out of my hiding hole and I’m ready for life again. Let’s get ready to rumble. Let’s shake off the lockdown lull … Read More

The Importance Of Self Care

Pippa-Marie SheppardWellbeing

As human beings who spend our days busy at work, running around after ‘mini-me’s’ and having an endless amount of housework to do, it can be so easy to forget about one of the most important things a person should incorporate into their daily routine- Self care.  It is paramount to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, which will in … Read More

Mental Health In The Workplace: How You Can Help

Pippa-Marie SheppardWellbeing

Mental Health in the workplace is such a taboo topic, considering over 729 million people world-wide suffer in some shape or form. It’s important for employers to take the matter seriously, especially now that the pandemic is finally easing and the long-term effects of what has been a mentally-draining, challenging and isolating time are starting to show.  There are so … Read More

A-Z Of Self Care

Pippa-Marie SheppardWellbeing

With the days getting colder and darker, it’s more important than ever to make sure our mind, body and souls are in tik-tok shape. Especially as the festive season nears, we forget to take care of ourselves as we get swept up in the presents, food shopping and prepping for the big day. Here at View Publishing, we came up … Read More

Introducing the PDA Space

Katherine PeachCommunity, Kids, Wellbeing

-Words by Nicola Reekie, solution-focused therapist supporting those with PDA and ASD and their families Behaviour is a sign of communication, but often we don’t see it like this. We may think our child is being naughty, rather than them trying to communicate unmet needs. That isn’t to say the parent is doing anything wrong, it’s just they don’t yet … Read More

Bring Them to the Table

Angharad EvansFeatured, Nutrition, Wellbeing

Our emotions play an integral role in our health as a whole. You may have noticed that: you blush when you’re embarrassed? your heart pounds when you’re frightened? any bad news can turn your systems into turmoil too (e.g. you can’t face food) Our emotions and health are entwined to each other. A bout of physical ill health can occur … Read More

Feed Your Skin and Nourish Your Soul

Amy AdamsBeauty, Featured, Nutrition, Wellbeing

As we near the cooler months, we draw ourselves close to all that makes us feel comforted and nourished. Our conversations for this feature hones in on skin-loving super powers of food ingredients. There’s even a fun face mask recipe for you to try at home…enjoy! Our physical and mental wellbeing has been stretched to the limit and more than … Read More