Don’t All Lives Matter?

Will SummersCommunity, Culture, Featured

Okay, so before we go down a route where talking about equality for everyone means exactly that, we’d like you to think about these questions and possibly look into how white privilege plays a huge part in the disparity between all communities, regardless of skin colour and race.

Have you ever had to think twice about being yourself in any situation during your life? Have you ever been denied an opportunity because of the colour of your skin, sexual orientation or beliefs?

It’s hard to hide and shy away from but the simple fact that white people don’t live in fear of being judged from the colour of our skin, the lack of opportunities available to us, the cultures we associate ourselves with, and the people we call friends and family. However, for some people, that’s part of their day-to-day lives. Examining white privilege challenges the way we’ve led our lives for as long as we’ve known- uncomfortable, but necessary? Yes.

BLM’s very existence was formed because “All Lives Matter” simply doesn’t exist. It’s not until every single person in our community feels equal that “all lives matter” can truly become a living concept in our society. So whilst thinking ALM may come from good intentions, the realities don’t match the experiences that the BAME community have in our society.

Being a white gay man, I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt uncomfortable, been discriminated against, and also felt unjustly treated- but that doesn’t mean I get to talk on someone else’s behalf. Instead, I want to use Penarth View as a vehicle to promote and celebrate the diverse voices we have in our community. So, I hope that this article goes some way to continue the conversation, help encourage us to learn about our past, look at our present and take the right action for our communities future.