How to look after your mental wellbeing whilst trying to eat your best

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–Words by Huw Barnes. Huw Barnes is a Cardiff-based nutritionist offering you a bespoke approach to your nutrition goals. Huw has worked in education for over a decade and has now combined that with his passion for food and nutrition to offer you a comprehensive evidence-based approach for your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, sports nutrition, or work … Read More

Wellbeing in the 21st Century

Angharad EvansNutrition

We live in an instant world. Products and services are sold to us with the promise of instant results and fast delivery. We’ve come to expect this and even get annoyed with delays or having to wait for results. However, whilst this may be our expectation, our bodies don’t comply with this new paradigm. Indeed, our bodies weren’t created for … Read More

Quality Delivered to your Door

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Windsor Fruit Stores is a staple of Penarth’s high street, a family-run independent fruit and vegetable shop supplying fresh day-to-day produce as well as all kitchen cupboard essentials. And, of course, their bespoke fruit and vegetable boxes, arranged in store and delivered to your door. Perfect for a weekly shop or a delightful dinner party platter. Lockdown, as well all … Read More

Bring Them to the Table

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Our emotions play an integral role in our health as a whole. You may have noticed that: you blush when you’re embarrassed? your heart pounds when you’re frightened? any bad news can turn your systems into turmoil too (e.g. you can’t face food) Our emotions and health are entwined to each other. A bout of physical ill health can occur … Read More

Of Sleigh Bells and Dumbbells

Rae CarpenterFeatured, Fitness, Nutrition

The run up to the festive season is always fraught and with the added pressure to make 2021’s Christmas the best yet after the chaos and uncertainty of last year’s, the game is on! Are you planning to fit into that perfect or shirt, that’s hanging up in the wardrobe with the tags still on? Are you furiously tracking your … Read More

Feed Your Skin and Nourish Your Soul

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As we near the cooler months, we draw ourselves close to all that makes us feel comforted and nourished. Our conversations for this feature hones in on skin-loving super powers of food ingredients. There’s even a fun face mask recipe for you to try at home…enjoy! Our physical and mental wellbeing has been stretched to the limit and more than … Read More

Keeping Body and Mind Healthy

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For all your wellness and nutritional needs, Pro Health and Nutrition is always there to provide you with what you need. Selling everything from supplements to crystals, you can always find what you need. And with owner, Rana, you can always be certain to get the helpful advice you need. Here at Penarth View, we spoke to Rana about her … Read More

Are Super Foods that Super?

Angharad EvansFeatured, Nutrition

Far too often I’m telling clients that they have an intolerance to a food they have been eating in abundance. “I thought it was good for me?” “We’re told to eat it” I hear this daily! Blueberry, spinach, garlic, almonds, avocado, tomatoes, oats…the list goes on. It goes to show that the old proverb, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s … Read More

Fertility and the Diet

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Are you thinking of starting a family? Or are you struggling to conceive? Whilst many are familiar with common issues around fertility, have you considered the impact your diet can have on your fertility? Remember the old saying, ‘you are what you eat’, and this is particularly true when it comes to fertility. Here I will discuss some simple lifestyle … Read More

Wonderful Welsh Remedies

Angharad EvansFeatured, Nutrition

The old ways are the best- is this true? So many people today are taking pharmaceutical medication, and our food, air and soil are polluted with metals, pesticides and other chemicals. Is it time to revisit old remedies and live a more natural life? Here I’ve collected some wonderful and interesting remedies from the past- enjoy! Colds Elder was a … Read More