The Importance Of Self Care

Pippa-Marie SheppardWellbeing

As human beings who spend our days busy at work, running around after ‘mini-me’s’ and having an endless amount of housework to do, it can be so easy to forget about one of the most important things a person should incorporate into their daily routine- Self care. 

It is paramount to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, which will in turn transmit good feelings onto others. 

There are four key dimensions to Self care; Emotional, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual. Creating a healthy balance between all four is essential for managing stress, preventing burnout and mitigating compassion fatigue. 


Ensuring an overall healthy lifestyle is imperative. It may be more convenient to just grab a chocolate bar or packet of crisps for dinner most days, but having a healthy diet full of a variety of fresh foods and plenty of water will not only fill you up, but subsequently fill you with a great deal of energy. You’ll notice a decrease in tiredness, meaning your days will be more productive. 


Having an unhealthy lifestyle can also significantly impact your emotional wellbeing. Setting clear boundaries on your time and energy, and as well as emotional boundaries within relationships will ensure you don’t start to become exhausted. It’s okay to need to take a step back from people when things beyond your control are starting to impact how you feel. 

Psychological and Spiritual

As well as the above, cultivating self awareness is an excellent method of ensuring a healthy mind. Start taking time to notice your inner experiences, thoughts and feelings. Meditation and journalling gives you the time to focus on yourself and highlights how you’re feeling at any present moment. Practicing gratitude and identifying what is meaningful to you in your life is a key technique that is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people relish good experiences, deal with adversity and maintain strong relationships. 

Ensure you manage to get plenty of sleep, spend time out in the sun and implement ‘me time’ into your daily routines. We should all take care of ourselves just as much as we take care of others.