Don’t Burn Out

Katherine PeachFeatured, Wellbeing

What does it mean to be productive? Is it a hectic day at work or maybe it’s charging around town doing errands? What makes you go to bed at the end of the day feeling like you’ve been productive? I bet none of those things included self-care. Checking in with yourself, making sure you’ve drank enough water, or making the … Read More

Feeling Sad or having SAD?

Rosie OrettiFeatured, Wellbeing

Many of us feel different in the winter- feeling tired, sleeping a bit more, and gaining some weight. It is a bit like hibernation in animals. However, if your symptoms are bad enough to interfere with your life, you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Put simply, SAD is a type of depressive illness which recurs every autumn or … Read More

10 Ways to Keep a Calm Mind

Katherine PeachWellbeing

What strange times we are living in. Here at Penarth View, we know that times like these, where everything is uncertain, many people are feeling very stressed and anxious. So we’ve collected some simple but effective tips to keep a calm mind throughout this difficult time. Be around nature as much as possible People too often underestimate the importance of … Read More

Bad Habits

Katherine PeachCommunity, Featured, Wellbeing

–Words by Katherine Peach Spring has sprung and is anyone still begrudgingly clinging to their New Year resolutions? This is the season of reflection and preparation, so take this time to ruminate and reevaluate, looking at those little habits that may be doing more harm than good. Media Not only is it a mindless source of entertainment, but they’re costing … Read More

Coronavirus: Supporting and informing older people in our communities

Katherine PeachFeatured, Wellbeing

Local charity Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale has spoken about its commitment to deliver the services it provides for older people living in Cardiff and the Vale in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. Jeff Hawkins, the charity CEO states, “We will take all reasonable precaution to ensure that illness and infection do not spread in the workplace between employees … Read More

Going Through the Menopause?

Angharad EvansFeatured, Food, Nutrition, Wellbeing

The Menopause has recently been a hot topic in the media, but what exactly is this condition and is there anything we can do about it? It is accepted that the average age of the Menopause is 51 years, it can start as early as 40 years and as late as 55 years. The menopause occurs when there are no … Read More

Are you drinking enough water?

Rosie OrettiBeauty, Featured, Wellbeing

We all know (I hope) that drinking enough water is important for our general health but for some reason we regularly don’t drink enough. 60-70% of the human body, including our brain, is water so it makes sense that we need to keep ourselves hydrated. Confused as to how much water to drink? The current advice is to drink a … Read More

Scouring the web puts Cancer Patients in Wales at Risk, Warns Charity

Katherine PeachCharity, Wellbeing

17,000 people living with cancer in Wales who turned to the internet to get information about cancer diagnosis have experienced a detrimental impact on their mental health. A leading cancer charity is concerned that patients in Wales who turn to the internet to get information about their cancer have been left feeling anxious, depressed or confused.  New research from Macmillan Cancer Support, … Read More

Interview with Smile Studio’s Verity Hill

Katherine PeachBeauty, Wellbeing

Here at Penarth View, we caught up with Smile Studio’s newest dentist, Verity Hill, to see how she’s settling in, and to find out what she was looking forward to about working in Penarth’s well-known dentistry. Welcome to Penarth Verity, how are you settling into Smile Studio? Finding your feet at a new job can be challenging but the patients … Read More

Interview with Smile Studio’s Tom Brady

Katherine PeachBeauty, Wellbeing

Here at Penarth View, we caught up with Smile Studio’s newest dentist, Tom Brady, to see how he’s settling in, and to find out what he was looking forward to about working in Penarth’s well-known dentistry. What made you choose Smile Studio as the place to carry out your dentistry? Beautiful airy rooms, a short commute and a practice ethos … Read More