Four-Legged Holiday Buddies

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The spring and summer are fast approaching and as much as many of us love the excitement of travel and adventure, be must always be mindful that change can be very stressful for our pets. Whether we choose to take them with us on holiday or leave them in the safe hands of others, it is a change from their … Read More

Dental Care for Pets

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Dental disease is commonly seen in our pets, and it is just as painful as it is in humans. However, because they cannot communicate their discomfort in the same way we would, if is often overlooked. Regular veterinary care is important to pick up early signs of dental disease and dealing with it sooner rather than later. Did you know: … Read More

Can you Take the Lead this September and tackle the isolation many local older people are facing?

Pippa-Marie SheppardCharity, Community, Pets

Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale and Burns Pet Nutrition continue to work in partnership for the good of the community. This September, Age Connects will be running its very first charity dog walking fundraiser and encouraging dog owners to sign up, get active and Take the Lead to help end the loneliness and isolation faced by vulnerable older people. … Read More

Superheroes of the Animal Kind

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When we think of the phrase superhero with respect to animals, it is easy for us to immediately thinks of those animals who we know do remarkable jobs. These would include guide dogs, bomb disposal dogs and medical detection dogs. Interesting Facts Guide dogs have their own superhero costume. When they are wearing their harness, they are in Superman mode … Read More

Don’t Leave Me This Way

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The covid pandemic has brought with it many challenges and uncertainties. Many of us will be experiencing increased anxiety and the same is true for our pets. As we hopefully move towards a more normal world and lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, we will go through another period of change in our lives. This too will affect our pets … Read More

The Iconic Dogs of Wales

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Given this is the heritage issue of Penarth View, we thought we’d take a look at the strong heritage of Welsh dog breeds. Most Welsh breeds have strong working drives, being bred by the Welsh gentry for hunting, herding and guarding purposes, and so tend to be energetic. As such, they’re best suited to homes that enjoy leading an active … Read More

Coming through a crisis: Valley Veterinary Hospital re-opens

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Valley Veterinary Hospital in Gwaelod-y-Garth, the first dedicated animal hospital in Wales, suffered devastating flooding earlier in 2020, after having been open only nine months. Seven weeks and a day later, parts of the hospital are re-open to treat pets. We wanted to speak to the team there to find out how they managed to re-open again so quickly, so … Read More

Prep Your Pet For Travel

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-Words by PV Influencer, Dave Deane If you are going away this year, remember to consider your pets. Our pets can be quite sensitive to change and even things that we would not consider to be stressful can cause our pets anxiety. There are many measures that can be taken to reduce this but aiming to keep their routine as … Read More

Doggy Days Out

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For many pet owners, it wouldn’t be a holiday without their four-legged companion. Plenty of opportunities to get out in the fresh air and no need for dog sitters. Being dog dads ourselves, we know that we plan our holidays around Winston, so here are some of our top tips. The first tip is to be prepared. Winston has an … Read More