Of Sleigh Bells and Dumbbells

Rae CarpenterFeatured, Fitness, Nutrition

The run up to the festive season is always fraught and with the added pressure to make 2021’s Christmas the best yet after the chaos and uncertainty of last year’s, the game is on!

Are you planning to fit into that perfect or shirt, that’s hanging up in the wardrobe with the tags still on? Are you furiously tracking your workouts and what you eat each week? Have you found a method that works and you’re going for it with (jingle) bells on?

While it’s brilliant that you’re taking time to put your health and fitness first NOW, what happed AFTER Christmas? Will you continue to look after yourself and put your health first so that you continue to give to those who need you? Have you thought about continuing your health journey so that you don’t have to ever start from scratch again?

If you plan on setting a New Year’s resolution to keep moving towards a healthier new you, beware you don’t fall into the 80% of people who make a resolution on December 31st and give up by the January 21st.

Run up to Christmas

Stick with your plan so much as possible: a party here, a gathering there- fair enough it’s Christmas! However, plan ahead of the buffet that could catch you out. Hydrate with water regularly. Choose spirits like vodka and gin with low calorie mixers over wines and beets, which are HEAVY on the calories.

Make your workouts non negotiable- they’re just as important as meetings or appointments that cannot be moved. Your body will benefit and I can’t think of a better stress buster- perfect for the joy, yet chaos of Christmas!

Over the Festive Period

MOVE! Your workouts (still non-negotiable by the way) don’t stop just because it’s Christmas! The more you move, the better you’ll feel. Get up, get out and beat the Christmas energy slump- even if, baby, it really IS cold outside.

Did you know that you can clock up to 3k steps by popping on your 5 favourite Christmas party tracks in a playlist, and rocking around the tree, or a Strictly inspired step touch around your kitchen while you wash up, dry and put away. One of my clients said she’d never had so much fun peeling potatoes!

TRY not to pick at the chocolate too much, and if you do- enjoy it, park it and get back to your plan the next day. No guilt, no regret and back on the (sleigh-belled) horse.

New Year, New You- How do you make sure you’re in the 20% that achieve your resolutions?

If you’ve stuck to my tips this year, you’ve always taken steps towards your goal for 2022.

Keep tracking your nutrition, every day. IF you have a day away from your plan, enjoy it, and then get back to your new healthy habits as soon as possible.

STAY with your workouts. If you plateau, reach out and ask how you can crack on and move forward.

Consistency is the magic pill you’ve been looking for. Daily small and consistent steps will help you achieve your big new year goals. What you bring to the table today, will show up in your tomorrow.

Nadolig Llawen/Merry Christmas from me and the team at LiveFit Wales Cymru, we wish you a happy, healthy 2022.