Wellbeing in the 21st Century

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We live in an instant world. Products and services are sold to us with the promise of instant results and fast delivery. We’ve come to expect this and even get annoyed with delays or having to wait for results.

However, whilst this may be our expectation, our bodies don’t comply with this new paradigm. Indeed, our bodies weren’t created for the world we live in. Today, our bodies are exposed to stress, high sugar, processed foods, chemical laden personal products, crop pesticides and air pollution on a daily basis, which ultimately takes a toll on our wellbeing.

With this is in mind, what can we do to help our wellbeing in the 21st century?

Detoxification- the simple way!

if you get a disturbed night’s sleep, feel groggy on waking, find yourself being impatient, and making decisions becomes a chore, then it’s possible you need to improve your body’s ability to detoxify the day’s poisons.

A key to this approach is to ensure you take in the right nutrients- that will aid your body and your wellbeing. Just take a look at these simple steps:


Clean-eating is best, and knowing what you’re eating is crucial. Cook from scratch and know your ingredients. If you do eat processed foods, read the ingredients list, and be aware that any pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics used in the production of your food will need to be detoxified by your liver. Therefore, choosing organic food whenever possible is beneficial.


Clean-filtered water is best. We’re nearly 70% water and water plays a central role with many functions in our system.

Allergies and Intolerances

We’re often aware of certain allergies, but are you aware of any hidden allergies? Our intolerances are very often the foods we eat on a daily basis and therefore stress our system.

Personal Products

It is imperative that we read the ingredients list of the shampoos, toothpaste, creams etc. we use. The word ‘natural’ can be used even if only one ingredient is natural. All the other ingredients used may be very far from being natural.

We Need to Sort Our Stuff

Dealing with any present or past incidences, trauma, and upset is vital for our health. Ignored trauma will also affect our ability to detoxify.

Don’t Forget Emotional Support!

In light of the pandemic and the restrictions that were placed upon us, there are many things we may have forgotten to do over the past two years. These are of utmost importance for our health:

  • socialise
  • hug
  • laugh
  • be grateful
  • forgive the past and live in the present

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