Plus-Size Pets

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Obesity is one of the biggest health problems seen on a daily basis in veterinary practice. Excess calorie intake is the most likely cause and it is rare for medical problems to cause obesity in pets. As dogs are scavengers in the wild they have an inherent need to always fill their stomachs as they do not know when their … Read More

Woodland Walkies Give Us Their Top Tips On Keeping A Happy And Healthy Dog.

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We caught up with Kirstie Howells, Founder of Woodland Walkies, the unique dog walking service in Penarth, who always go the extra mile to ensure that you and your pet are the happiest you can be and getting the service you and your precious pooch deserve. Some of the wonderful services they provide include; dog walks, Doggie Day care, home boarding, … Read More

Park Vets Penarth and Valley Veterinary Hospital

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July saw a first for Wales with the opening of Valley Veterinary Hospital—the largest such facility in Wales, bringing with it a whole range of benefits to pets and pet owners in South Wales. It boasts ten consultation rooms, six operating theatres, a dedicated dental suite, a hydrotherapy suite and a wide range of physical therapies available with an in-house … Read More

Looking after our fur-iendly friends in the summer

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In warm environments, dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. Heatstroke happens where a dog is unable to do this efficiently which can be very serious and even life threatening. An otherwise very healthy dog can suffer fatal damage from heatstroke and, the scary thing is, it can only take a matter of minutes. It is well known that hot cars … Read More

Dental health for pets

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Vaccination is only a small part of your pet’s annual health check. Your vet will also be doing a full clinical exam and checking that your pet is fit and healthy. One of the most common areas to discover problems is your pet’s mouth. Dental disease is the most common health problem seen in cats and dogs, with more than … Read More