Top tips for firework anxiety

Dave DeaneFeatured, Pets

Here are some top tips for keeping your pets happy when fireworks are lighting the sky.

  • Keep your pets indoors during times of fireworks
  • Making sure they have had a good walk before dark and a big meal can help make them relax and feel sleepy
  • As hard as it is, allow them to pace, bark/miaow, and hide if they wish to. Reassuring them too much at this point can actually confirm to them that it is a scary event, whereas they will benefit more from you staying calm and acting normal
  • Give lots of praise for calm behaviour
  • Making sure they have a “safe place/den” that they can hide in if they wish to
  • Closing curtains and leaving the TV or radio on can help block the noise of the fireworks
  • Although not a quick fix desensitisation soundtracks can also help
  • Spray or plug in pheromones are readily available and can be very useful in milder cases of noise phobias to reduce anxiety
  • In severe cases your vet may be able to prescribe prescriptions drugs to help