Willmore’s 1938 Stays Strong

John DaviesBusiness, Community, Featured

Over the past six months, Matt and Charlotte have shown incredible resilience through the pandemic. There’s no end to their ingenuity, and they’ll always be there to serve their delicious home-cooked food, cakes and coffee- and we’re completely there for it.

Through the first lockdown, they adjusted very quickly to what was to become our new normal. All non-essential shops were closed. Cafes, bars and restaurants were asked to close, resulting in their entire customer base being removed overnight. Adjusting to lockdown measures, the Willmore’s 1938 team began offering delivery of their food and coffee straight to people’s doors.

Over the summer, as restrictions were slowly lifted across Wales, they branched out, holding theme nights at Penarth Athletic Club, including a Burger Night, a Pie & Mash Night and a Bratwurst Night. The nights proved to be incredibly popular, and would usually sell out within days.

Recognising that working together builds a stronger business community, the latest partnership for Willmore’s is one with fellow Stanwell Road retailer A.B. Snell & Son. Willmore’s 1938’s homemade food is now also available to be delivered via Snell’s brand new grocery delivery website. We’re massive fans of this kind of collaboration, and we’d love to see more of it. This is one way of taking on the big boys of retail, and without question, the quality will be so much better. Some of Willmore’s 1938 treats now available to order either whole or by the portion include lasagne, quiche, corned beef pie, and their famous Scotch eggs- they’re huge! Go to www.snellspenarth.com to place your order.

Willmore’s have also taken on a new chef, Damian Jones, and some of you may recognise him from Bar 44. Damian joining the team means that Matt and Charlotte can both spend more time doing what they love most: being on the cafe floor, greeting customers and making sure everyone has a good time at Willmore’s 1938, when they are able to welcome guests in through the doors.

Without the support of their customers, however, Willmore’s 1938 wouldn’t be. So Matt and Charlotte would like to thank all their customers for their continued support.

For more information about Willmore’s 1938, check out their Facebook page here