Top Tips For Staying Safe In The Sun

Pippa-Marie SheppardWellbeing

With The Met Office having issued their first ever extreme heat weather warning, which is in place for the next few days, here at Penarth View we thought we’d share some great tips on how to stay safe and hydrated. 

Now restrictions have eased and we’re finally getting back into some form of normality, people are starting to make the most of the lovely weather and soaking up the sun. Although we’re all very excited to see the sun again, make sure to keep in mind the dangers of sun exposure and follow these tips to keep yourself safe this Summer.

Tip Number 1: Drink lots of fluids. Plenty of us will experience dehydration within the coming days, so making sure you consume plenty of water – even if you’re not thirsty – will help to make sure this doesn’t happen. 

Tip Number 2: Eat normally. When the weather becomes too hot, people tend to eat less. However, it’s paramount to continue with your normal diet to ensure any salt lost from sweating is replaced. Eating more cold food, like salad and fruit, will also help to keep you hydrated as they contain a lot of water. 

Tip Number 3: Avoid the sun’s peak times. Between late-morning to mid-afternoon is usually the hottest time of the day. Don’t spend long sitting or working outside, and make sure you stay hydrated whilst you do. 

Tip Number 4: Avoid strenuous activity, and try to leave housework and gardening for the cooler times of the day. 

Tip Number 5: Know when to open your windows. If the weather outside is cooler than inside, then keep them open. If outside is hotter than inside, keep them closed. You don’t want to let the hot air in. 

Tip Number 6: Buy a fan! It’s a great way to circulate the air. Manual electric fans work best. Avoid handheld paper fans, as this can actually make you hotter. 

Tip Number 7: Check up on your relatives and friends, especially those considered vulnerable. 

Although we all love to sit in the sun all day, just be cautious and look after yourself and others, and that includes your pets who might be a bit hot this time of the year.