Keeping Children Entertained

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Making magical moments for children and parents has always come naturally to Liz and the LittleFizz team. Like many of us, COVID-19 and lockdown measures have made us all adapt to find new ways to socialise in a new world of social distancing. Sharing her creativity, tenacity, and passion, it’s clear to see how LittleFizz goes above and beyond, even during these difficult times!

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How have you adapted to the pandemic?

Safety is key and we’ve worked hard to provide an environment which is fun, but still meets social distancing guidelines. Everything we do, right the way down to how we play games and sing songs, has changed! I’m now amazing at lip-sinking with a pre-recorded track of myself, and I’m much better at working technology than I ever was! Interaction is a big part of what we do, so we’ve had to work hard to make sure our online and in-person sessions are even better than before.

What has been the reaction?

Amazing! We’ve had to chop and change our sessions from indoors, to outdoors, to online and back again to fit in with government guidelines. At the time of writing, it looks like we’re heading that way again! We’re very grateful to all of the wonderful people that are still joining us, still taking part, and still enjoying the social element and human interaction we bring to our classes-albeit at a distance!

What advice do you have to give to others running a business?

I’ve been running my Baby and Toddler Music and Movement Classes for 14 years, and I’m always humbled by the amazing human connections we’ve made. I think opening yourself up to those experiences is the best thing about running business, however there have also been many challenges and an unbelievable amount of work. Working seven days a week has been my normal for many years! So my advice would be to prepare to work hard, but don’t lose sight of the benefits either.

Credit:Katie Barrett Photography

What tips would you give to mums and dad to keep their little ones happy?

  • Stay active. Join an online class or sing and dance to one of our songs
  • Where possible, get outside in the fresh air as much as you can
  • Treasure positive moments
  • Tap into children’s natural ability to have fun. Yours is in there too!
  • Create fun environments. Check out our online articles for loads of ideas
  • Create safe environments with COVID-free conversations and news
  • Promote resilience by explaining the situation clearly-it’s amazing what kids pick up!
  • Don’t compare yourself to others-focus on your own family unit
Credit:Katie Barrett Photography

What can people expect from attending your sessions?

Our main aim is to bring joy! Seeing your child interact with other children and play as they should (with thanks to the under-11 rule) has really helped lift people’s spirits. We provide a safe space where fun is the main focus and takes the pressure off Mum and Dad. You can literally see babies come to life, just by being in small groups with others, and it is a big outlet of energy for the toddlers, which I think everyone needs, pandemic or not!

Credit:Katie Barrett Photography

With all these helpful hints and ideas, keeping your children entertained through this trying time will be that little bit easier! Just remember that your children value the time they spend with you and appreciate the amazing job you’re doing! For more helpful information, visit the LittleFizz website here