A new community urban oasis

John DaviesBusiness, Business Snippets

The Clock Yard team are working behind the scenes to design and develop a community urban oasis behind Rowley’s the Jewellers on Glebe Street.

The team will soon make a call-out for materials like decking or doors to build fences, benches and planters. So if you’re renovating, let you know!

Rowley’s are also taking a leap into 2020 putting ecologically responsible retail at the core of the range. Rowley’s have always taken care of source ethically and ecologically responsible products, but now they have taken it a step further and are gradually introducing a grading system to help customers identify impact of the products on the environment. Let them know your thoughts on the items made out of natural materials; such as wooden watches, willow baskets and even blankets, cushions and shoppers made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. For more information about the Clock Yard project email info@rowleysgifts.com