10 Ways to Keep Active Indoors

Katherine PeachFitness

Dance Party

A fun way to keep active! Turn down the lights (maybe some disco lights if you have them?), make a playlist of your favourite songs and have a dance. Dancing is a really underrated fun way of keeping fit. You could try learn your favourite music video dance, or learn a traditional dance from a different country.

Home Equipment

Can’t go to the gym? Have no professional gym equipment at home? You can use the everyday items around your house. They can have the same effect, without having to spend loads of money on fancy gym equipment. 

Online videos

A lot of fitness instructors and gyms are doing free online fitness classes that anyone can be apart of. Many celebrities are also doing live videos, where they can interact with viewers. Keeping you fit and connected!


Putting off all those odds jobs around the house? Although housekeeping isn’t the most interesting part of your day, doing those little jobs around the house can help you keep active. Whether it’s the hovering, gardening, or sweeping, you’ll be surprised how much energy you use up.

Play interactive games

It’s time to dust off the Wii and get out those old games. From Just Dance to Wii Fit, it’s a fun way of keeping active. Why not make it interesting and have a little household competition? 

Little but often

Instead of setting aside a large chunk of your day aside to do a workout, try doing little things throughout your day. If you’re working from home, why not do some simple “desk” exercises? Or if you’re doing the dishes, why not do some leg lifts? Get as creative as you want.


Improves your breathing, flexibility, keeping you active and helps you relax? Yoga is the full package. With more than enough yoga tutorials and free apps, you can find the type of yoga exercises that is best for you.

Play active Games

There are so many fun games you can play that will help keep you active, (and even keep the kids entertained). Playing games like Twister, Simon Says, Charades, Musical Chairs, Balloon Tennis/Volleyball, Indoor Bowling, Hot Potato. Or you can even make up your own games or teach your household all those silly childhood games you used to play.

Get up

It can be very easy during these times, to plonk yourself in front of the TV and stay there all day. Watching time slip away each day, going to get realising you haven’t done anything half productive. So instead, maybe in-between each episode of your current binge-worthy show, get up and walk (or maybe jog) around the house. 

Household Gym

With local gyms closing, it can be hard to stick to your usual gym routine at home. So why not use your house to stay fit throughout this period. Try running up and down the stairs instead of a treadmill, sofas or chairs as benches or creating your own circuit in the garden or living room.