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What can be a babysitter, a servant, a chauffeur and a personal bodyguard all at the same time? Us! This may very well surprise you, but there are ways in which parasites use us for their survival.

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I am a fully qualified therapist based in the heart of Penarth where I offer treatment in a professional, friendly and private environment.

I offer a natural solution to various conditions to promote long term health, including IBS, CFS, PMT/menopause, anxiety, intolerances, diabetes, aches and pains, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, weight loss, migraines and many more.

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Cynigaf wasanaeth gwbl ddwyieithog. Cysylltwch â fi er mwyn trafod eich anghenion.

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This is because a parasite is an organism which relies on a host for its survival. Very often, we end up being their host!


Due to the strains and habits of modern life, our bodies are not as able to cope with the pathogens and parasites we’re exposed to which can be the root cause of so very many common symptoms such as constipation, IBS, fatigue, anxiety, anaemia, sleep disturbances, and skin conditions such as eczema, hives, rash, itchy scalp and rosacea.


There are many ways in which we can introduce parasites to our bodies. Do you walk about your garden bare footed? Do you eat undercooked meats such as pork? How about eating unwashed, unpeeled fruit and vegetables? There are many innocent ways of introducing parasites to our bodies, and, of course, habits to change so that we consciously create barriers to prevent this. There are natural ways of banishing these pathogens.


Therefore, if you are suffering from tiredness, IBS, insomnia or if you are you frustrated at being told to ‘put up’ with your symptoms, then surely this new approach will interest you? My take on natural therapy combines natural products and a diet plan to free you of these debilitating symptoms by addressing the cause and restoring your body back to health.


1.  Wash all fruit and vegetables – soaking in old fadhioned salt and water is effective
2. Drink filtered/boiled water
3.  Avoid processed food as much as possible …
4. Always read the ingredient list opposed to the nutritional value information
5. Wear gloves when gardening
6.  Don’t walk about bare footed

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