Saving our seas, a paddle adventure with a difference

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a sup adventure

with a difference

On the 31st June we embarked on a Standup Paddle adventure with a difference. Inspired by the Volvo Ocean Race and their sustainability message we decided to get ‘on board’ and do our bit to help turn the tide on plastic.

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Joining forces with Puravida Boardriders and Sup South Wales paddleboarding club we hit the water and addressed the issue head-on, navigating ourselves down the Taff picking up plastic and rubbish which was otherwise resigned to the fate of floating down our rivers and into our seas. During the expedition, we observed that plastic waste was within our reach around every nook and cranny on and off the water. The biggest culprits of pollution being polystyrene take away boxes and plastic single-use bottles. After scooping up 14 bags of plastic and litter within an hour and a half it became clear just how significant a problem plastic waste really is and unsurprising that it is reaching the far corners of the world.

As we paddled along the river we became so engrossed in the challenge that we didn’t even realise how much our blood was pumping and muscles were working. It was only when our stomach started shouting out in protest of hunger on the way home and we struggled with the stairs the next day that we realised how much of a workout it was!

Doing our bit for the environment and getting fit too- winner!

It’s been great to have had the Volvo Ocean Race in Cardiff and fantastic that such a global event is spreading such an important message along its travels around the world.

During the Volvo Ocean Race seven teams race around the world across 4 oceans covering 45,000 nautical miles. Often described as the longest and toughest professional sporting event it’s a really gruelling this challenge!

Inspired by the Volvo Ocean Race in Cardiff we weren’t the only ones who are getting onboard the war against plastic it’s great to see so many Penarth business getting behind the campaign at a local level promoting sustainable practices (check our p74 of pv31).

As far as our SUP adventure went I think it was a job well done! Who’s up for another one soon?