Penarth Literature Festival- ‘One Woman Walks Wales’ with Ursula Martin

Ursula Martin never thought she would walk 3700 miles around Wales, but following a cancer diagnosis it seemed like the only reasonable thing to do. In 17 months, she traversed beaches and mountains, farms and urban sprawl. She received unimaginable support – people offered beds, food, cups of tea, donated to her chosen charities. Walking Wales rooted her in the country and in herself; her account of the physical and mental challenges painting a unique portrait of the natural landscape of a country and its people.

In this event, Ursula will talk to shop owner Mel Griffin about her book and the journey that brought her to it.

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Day 1

7.30 -
'One Woman Walks Wales' with Ursula Martin


Jul 06 2018


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



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Waterloo Tea, Stanwell Road
Waterloo Tea, Stanwell Road
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