Journey’s End

Journey’s End is set in the British trenches in Northern France just before the Battle of St Quentin. The battle began in March 1918 with the most ferocious artillery barrage of the First World War. The play chronicles four days in an officers’ dugout as they await a fate that they fear is inevitable.

In 1928 most theatre managers believed that the public would not want to see a war play just 10 years after the Armistice. However, it was eventually staged in December 1928. It ran for two years. It is now regarded as being one of the greatest war plays ever written.

Everyman is staging this gritty and realistic depiction of life in the trenches alongside a satirical depiction of it – Blackadder Goes Forth. Both end with similar poignancy. Everyman believes this is the first time that Journey’s End and Blackadder Goes Forth have been presented as a double bill.

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Nov 06 - 10 2018



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