Dinosaur Footprints found at Penarth Beach believed to be 200 million years old

Pippa-Marie SheppardCommunity

Credit: National History Museum PA / Peter Falkingham

200 million year old footprints, believed to be that of an early relative of a dinosaur, were found on Penarth Beach, experts say. 

Discovered in 2020, the impressions, also known as trackway, were discovered by Kerry Rees- an amateur palaeontologist. 

The National History Museum were notified, but were said to be initially sceptical of the claims, having received many public inquiries about trackways that prove to be geological features. 

Although toe marks were not clearly present, a clear indicator of an animal footprint, a survey of the site dating back 10 years ago showed photographs of toe impressions. 

It is now believed the trackways are that of a sauropod or close relative, the same collective of dinosaurs that includes the diplodocus.