10 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

Katherine PeachKids

Schools are out and I imagine you’ve already exhausted all the classic ways to entertain your kids. Here at Penarth View, we know it can be hard to come up with new and exciting ways to keep them entertained, without just sticking them in front of a screen. So here’s a list of a few activities for you and the whole family to try out.

Make your own Magazine/Comic

Time to get creative! Get out those scissors and glue and get to work. This is a great activity to use those old newspapers and magazines you have lying around the house. The possibilities are endless. 

Write letters to family and friends

I can’t be the only one who misses getting wonderful, thought-filled, handwritten letters from friends and family. So what better time to get the kids to sit down and write letters to those they can’t visit during this time. Maybe even include a painted picture or drawing. Much better than a text, I think.


I think by now we’re all aware of this terrific trend of upcycling our old things instead of just throwing them away. So paint that old plant pot or decorate those boring picture frames!

Fruit lollies

A wonderfully fun activity for the whole family to get involved in and the best part is, you make be as inventive as you want. Why not make lemonade and fruit ice lollies? Or maybe orange or apple juice lollies? And for the parents, a nice Gin & Tonic lolly for when the day is done and the kids are in bed.

Science Experiments

With the kids out of school, try your own little homeschool science experiments. A quick google search will give you lots of quick and easy ones to try, using things you’ll have at home, with some really great results. My favourite is homemade slime! 


It’s finally time to use that flour you’ve had in the back of your cupboard for months. Baking is fun for all the family, from cookies to cake what more is there to say!

Assault course

This was one of my favourite activities as a kid (and maybe an adult), using all random items you can find it your house and build a ninja assault course. Try making a laser maze with string! This is also a great way to keep active, best of both worlds.

Make your own board game/puzzle

Tired of the same boardgames? Make your own! How about a board game based on your own family? Or your favourite film?

For a puzzle, print (or even draw) whatever picture you’d like, mount it onto cardboard, cut out the pieces and there you have it. 

Hold an indoor treasure hunt

Try hiding certain special items around the house, you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. It’s a fun activity for all the family.

Put on a show!

You each take it in turns to performance something or the kids put on a show for the adults. Let the creativity and imagination run wild and have some fun putting on a show.