Indie Love Cardiff Book Signing

Indie Love is hosting its first ever signing event in 2021! Come and join the fun with some of your favourite Indie Romance authors.

Join us in the beautiful Cardiff City Hall to meet and hang-out with some of your favourite book people. Here at Indie Love, attending book signings is something we’re passionate about as big readers and we want a little slice of the action here in Wales – so we decided to host our own!

Welcoming over 50 authors from around the world, we promise a weekend in Cardiff that you won’t forget.

Attending Authors*

  • Amy Davies
  • Anna Edwards
  • Arizona Tape
  • Catherine Wiltcher
  • Cayce Poponea
  • Claire Shaw
  • C. Lesbirel
  • Corinne M Knight
  • D.V. Williams
  • Erin O’Kane
  • Emma Louise
  • Harper Phoenix
  • Jennah Thornhill
  • K.A Jones
  • K.L. Humphreys
  • K.L. Jessop
  • Kat Blak
  • Kira Berger
  • Kristine Allen
  • Kristine Moran/Krissy V
  • Laura Greenwood
  • Lauren Connors
  • Lizzie James
  • LM Evans
  • Louisa Line
  • M.K Moore
  • Maria Macdonald
  • Michelle McLoughney
  • Paula Acton
  • Raven Amor
  • Sienna Grant
  • SK Clarke
  • Stacey Broadbent/Cyan Tayse
  • Skye MacKinnon/Isla Wynter
  • Stacy McWilliams
  • Theresa Hissong
  • RJ Truman

More to be announced soon…

*Line-up is subject to change


May 08 2021


10:00 am - 4:30 pm




Cardiff City Hall
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